“Love is patient, love is kind, but you were neither.”

“You said we were forever, but forever came crashing down.”

“Trust was our foundation, and you shattered it into pieces.”

“You took my heart and stomped on it, leaving me broken.”

“You promised to always be there, but you were nowhere to be found.”

“You were the reason for my sleepless nights and endless tears.”

“Once upon a time, I believed in us, but you made it nothing but a fairy tale.”

“You let the demons of your past destroy what we had.”

“You traded our love for temporary satisfaction, and it cost us everything.”

“Goodbye may hurt, but what hurts more is the way you said it.”

“You played with my emotions like a puppeteer, and now I’m left in ruins.”

“You were the author of our love story, but you wrote the ending with deceit.”

“Our love became a wreckage, and you were the captain of its destruction.”

“You abandoned the promises we made, leaving me alone in the ruins.”

“You held my heart in your hands, only to crush it without a second thought.”

“You were the fire that consumed our love, leaving nothing but ashes behind.”

“You tarnished the memories we shared, staining them with betrayal.”

“You were my biggest mistake, and I’ll always regret the day I let you in.”

“You were the storm that destroyed our happiness, leaving wreckage in its wake.”

“You broke the bond that held us together, leaving me to pick up the pieces alone.”

“You painted a picture of love, but underneath, it was a dark, twisted lie.”

“You turned our love into a battleground, and I was the casualty of your games.”

“You were the light that guided me, but you chose to lead me into darkness.”

“You took my love for granted, and now you’re left with nothing but regret.”

“You were supposed to be my safe haven, but you became the worst storm I’ve ever faced.”

“You tore down the walls I built around my heart, only to leave it broken and damaged.”

“You were the poison that infiltrated my veins, slowly killing our love.”