“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line.” – Lucille Ball

“You are enough, a thousand times enough.” – Unknown

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.” – Steve Maraboli

“Self-love is the greatest gift you can give yourself.” – Unknown

“Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how others see you.” – Unknown

“You are worthy of the love you keep trying to give others.” – Unknown

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.” – Unknown

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to others.” – Unknown

“Loving yourself starts with accepting and embracing every part of who you are.” – Unknown

“Self-love is not selfish; it is essential for your well-being.” – Unknown

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit.” – Unknown

“Love yourself unconditionally, just as you are, and watch miracles happen in your life.” – Unknown

“You are deserving of love, respect, and all the good things life has to offer.” – Unknown

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.” – Unknown

“You are the love you seek.” – Unknown

“Self-love is the foundation of a happy and fulfilling life.” – Unknown

“You deserve to be treated with love, kindness, and respect – starting from yourself.” – Unknown

“Loving yourself is the first step towards healing and personal growth.” – Unknown

“You are worthy of love and belonging, simply because you exist.” – Brené Brown

“Remember to love yourself as deeply as you love others.” – Unknown