“Sisters are like black holes – they suck up all your clothes, makeup, and sanity.”

“Being my sister’s keeper is hard work when she can’t even keep track of her own belongings.”

“If being dramatic was an Olympic sport, my sister would definitely win the gold.”

“My sister’s fashion sense is one step away from becoming a walking fashion disaster.”

“Sometimes I wonder if my sister’s brain has a dial that is permanently stuck on ‘dumb.'”

“I’ve come to accept that my sister’s idea of personal space is a joke.”

“My sister’s cooking skills are so bad that I’m convinced she could burn water.”

“You know you have a crazy sister when even her imaginary friends are questioning her sanity.”

“My sister’s idea of good music is so horrendous that it deserves to be studied by scientists.”

“Want to know how to annoy your sister? Just start breathing – it works every time.”

“My sister’s spending habits are proof that money can disappear faster than an ice cube in the desert.”

“My sister’s obsession with selfies is proof that narcissism runs in the family.”

“If cluelessness was a superpower, my sister would be the most powerful person on Earth.”

“My sister’s sense of direction is so bad that even GPS gets confused.”

“I have no doubt that my sister would win ‘The Most Unorganized Person of the Decade’ award.”

“The only thing my sister excels at is finding new ways to annoy me.”

“My sister’s inability to hold a conversation is a talent she has yet to realize.”

“I sometimes wonder if my sister’s brain is a barren wasteland, devoid of any intelligent thoughts.”

“Trying to have a serious discussion with my sister is like trying to teach a cat to meow – pointless.”

“My sister’s ability to turn a mess into an even bigger mess is truly impressive.”

“If sarcasm was a job, my sister would be the CEO.”

“My sister’s idea of punctuality is arriving an hour late and acting like nothing happened.”

“If laziness was an Olympic sport, my sister would be the reigning champion.”

“My sister’s room could be featured on an episode of ‘Hoarders.'”

“My sister’s sense of fashion is so bad that even the mannequins at thrift stores cringe.”

“You know you have a crazy sister when she calls random people ‘bae’ on social media.”

“My sister’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard – a constant source of irritation.”

“It’s a mystery how my sister can spend hours on her hair, but still look like a homeless pigeon.”

“My sister’s ability to embarrass me in public is unmatched – she should be in the Guinness World Records.”