“Slander is the revenge of a coward, who dares not face the truth.” – Unknown

“Slander is the weapon of the weak; defamation of character reflects their own insecurities.” – Unknown

“Slander travels faster than truth, but it never catches up.” – Unknown

“Slander is the refuge of the defeated, incapable of fighting with integrity.” – Unknown

“Slander is a poison that destroys not only the reputation of others but also the soul of the perpetrator.” – Unknown

“Slander serves as a mirror, reflecting the true nature of the one who spreads it.” – Unknown

“In the age of social media, slander has become a rampant disease that thrives on anonymity and spreads like wildfire.” – Unknown

“Slander not only tarnishes one’s image but also stains the reputation of the one who utters it.” – Unknown

“Slander is like a snake in the grass, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.” – Unknown

“Slander is a weapon that can cause irreparable damage; it is essential to handle it with caution and integrity.” – Unknown

“Those who engage in slander fail to realize that they are only revealing their own character flaws.” – Unknown

“Slander is a pitfall that may seem tempting, but it ultimately leads to one’s own downfall.” – Unknown

“A wise person ignores slander, knowing that the truth will always prevail.” – Unknown

“Slander is born out of envy and insecurity, aimed at belittling those who stand out.” – Unknown

“Slander is the language of the bitter and the ignorant.” – Unknown

“Slander is a weapon for those who fear the power and success of others.” – Unknown

“Slander can wound deeply, but it cannot kill the strength of character and resilience within.” – Unknown

“Slander is the refuge of those who lack the courage to face their own shortcomings.” – Unknown

“Slander is like a storm that rages, leaving destruction in its wake, but always followed by the calm of truth.” – Unknown

“Those who engage in slander reveal their own ignorance and inability to express themselves with eloquence and honesty.” – Unknown

“Slander is a desperate attempt to bring down others, as it is easier than rising to their level.” – Unknown

“Slander thrives in the absence of truth, but it withers away when exposed to the light of honesty.” – Unknown

“Slander is like a boomerang; it may harm others, but it ultimately returns to harm the one who threw it.” – Unknown

“Slander aims to poison the minds of others, but it has no power over those who are secure in their own truth.” – Unknown