“Neglecting someone is the cruelest form of abuse.” – Anonymous

“Neglect is like a poison that slowly kills relationships.” – Unknown

“Neglect speaks louder than any words ever could.” – Unknown

“Neglect is the silent killer of love.” – Unknown

“Neglect is the enemy of connection.” – Unknown

“Neglect breeds resentment and destroys trust.” – Unknown

“Neglecting someone is a surefire way to push them away.” – Unknown

“Neglecting someone shows a lack of empathy and compassion.” – Unknown

“Neglect is an active choice to dismiss the needs of another.” – Unknown

“Neglect builds walls, while love tears them down.” – Unknown

“Neglect is the absence of care and attention.” – Unknown

“Neglecting someone is like denying them the oxygen they need to survive.” – Unknown

“Neglect can leave deeper scars than any physical harm.” – Unknown

“Neglected hearts wither and eventually turn cold.” – Unknown

“Neglect corrodes the foundations of relationships.” – Unknown

“Neglect is a poison that slowly seeps into the soul, leaving permanent damage.” – Unknown

“Neglect is the slow erosion of love.” – Unknown

“Neglect is the opposite of love; it is indifference.” – Unknown

“Neglected souls cry out silently for love and attention.” – Unknown

“Neglecting someone is the ultimate betrayal of their trust.” – Unknown

“Neglecting someone only makes them want to be loved even more.” – Unknown