“Love conquers all.”

“Love at first sight exists.”

“True love means never fighting.”

“Love will fix all your problems.”

“If you love someone, you should change yourself for them.”

“You can’t love someone unless you’ve met them in person.”

“Love always lasts forever.”

“Love is all about romantic gestures and grand gestures.”

“Love means always being happy and never feeling sad.”

“Love means sacrificing your own happiness for the other person.”

“If they love you, they will never hurt you.”

“Love means always being in agreement with your partner.”

“Love can heal all wounds.”

“Love should be effortless and easy.”

“Love means always being together and never needing space.”

“If someone loves you, they will always choose you over everything else.”

“Love means always being in a passionate state.”

“Love means ignoring red flags and flaws in your partner.”

“If love is true, you will instinctively know it.”

“Love means always being in the honeymoon phase.”

“In love, opposites attract.”

“Love means never feeling attracted to anyone else.”

“Love means never feeling lonely or alone.”

“Love means never having doubts or insecurities.”

“Love means finding your other half and completing each other.”

“Love means being the center of someone’s world.”

“Love means never feeling jealous or possessive.”

“Love means never needing reassurance from your partner.”

“Love means never feeling tired or drained in a relationship.”