“Victory or death!” – Varok Saurfang

“May your blades never dull!” – High Overlord Saurfang

“Work is the curse of the talking classes.” – Gallywix

“For the Horde!” – Thrall

“For the Alliance!” – King Varian Wrynn

“The Horde is nothing!” – Jaina Proudmoore

“Lok’tar ogar!” – Various Horde characters

“Light be with you.” – Various Alliance characters

“Knowledge is power!” – Jaina Proudmoore

“May your feet find good trails.” – Rexxar

“Strength and honor.” – Thrall

“Many will enter, few will win.” – Harth Stonebrew

“We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way.” – Sylvanas Windrunner

“Glory to the Sindorei!” – Various Blood Elf characters

“What are we if not slaves to this torment?” – Illidan Stormrage

“I grow impatient.” – Arthas Menethil

“The Orcs did not choose this life. We were forced into it by our enemies.” – Grommash Hellscream

“Do not presume to judge me or my motives. You know nothing of what I’ve sacrificed.” – Arthas Menethil

“Victory for Sylvanas!” – Various Forsaken characters

“We must protect the wilds.” – Malfurion Stormrage

“The light does not abandon its champions.” – Tirion Fordring