“I can’t make up my mind about anything.”

“I never know what to do.”

“I can see both sides of every argument.”

“I am constantly torn between choices.”

“I wish someone could make decisions for me.”

“I second-guess myself all the time.”

“I always find it difficult to choose between options.”

“I feel overwhelmed by making decisions.”

“I am the epitome of indecision.”

“I constantly weigh pros and cons.”

“I have a hard time committing to anything.”

“Decisions paralyze me.”

“I am the king/queen of uncertainty.”

“I waver between options.”

“I am forever caught in a loop of indecisiveness.”

“I suffer from analysis paralysis.”

“I always find myself in a state of limbo.”

“I perpetually sit on the fence.”

“I struggle with making up my mind.”

“I never feel 100% confident in my choices.”

“I find it difficult to trust my instincts.”

“I constantly question my decisions.”

“I fear making the wrong choice.”

“Indecision is my constant companion.”

“I am always torn between what I want and what I think is best for me.”

“I find it hard to commit to any one path.”