“You’re useless, you’ll never amount to anything.”

“You’re so stupid, I can’t believe I’m even with you.”

“Nobody would ever love someone as worthless as you.”

“You’re just a burden in my life, always dragging me down.”

“You’re completely incompetent, I can’t rely on you for anything.”

“You’ll always be a failure, no matter how hard you try.”

“You’re so pathetic, I can’t stand being around you.”

“You’ll never be good enough, no matter what you do.”

“You’re so worthless, I don’t know why I even bother.”

“You’re just a waste of space and oxygen.”

“You have no talent, you’ll never achieve anything.”

“You’re so insignificant, you might as well not exist.”

“You’re such a disappointment, I can’t believe I ever had hope for you.”

“You’re so weak and powerless, I can’t respect you.”

“You’re a complete failure, everyone can see it except you.”

“You’ll never be successful, you’re just not capable of it.”

“You’re such a loser, I don’t know why I stay with you.”

“You’re so worthless, no one would even notice if you disappeared.”

“You’re so useless, I don’t know how you function in life.”

“You’re so dumb, I can’t believe I have to explain everything to you.”

“You’re so pathetic, I can’t believe I ever loved you.”

“You’re just a liability, always bringing me down.”

“You’re so incompetent, I can’t trust you with anything.”

“You’re so worthless, you’ll never find someone better than me.”