“There’s nothing more dangerous than a girl who knows she’s worthless.”

“Behind every smile is a broken soul.”

“I may be insane, but I learned to hide my pain.”

“Sometimes the darkest people have the brightest smiles.”

“I’m a mess of beautiful chaos that’s desperately trying to be okay.”

“She had demons inside her that could only be subdued by madness.”

“Behind my laughter, there’s anguish. Behind my smile, there are tears.”

“I’m a puppet with scars who learned how to dance.”

“Her heart was shattered, but she still danced through the broken pieces.”

“She wore her scars like wings, ready to fly again.”

“I may be damaged, but I’m still standing tall.”

“Behind her painted face, there’s a girl desperate for love.”

“She was broken, but she still tried to fix others.”

“She spent her life helping people, but no one was there to help her.”

“She carried the weight of the world in her heart, but no one noticed.”

“She built a castle out of her sorrows, for it was all she knew.”

“She was a puzzle with missing pieces, desperately trying to be whole.”

“She hid her tears behind laughter, hoping no one would ever know.”

“She was a lonely soul trapped in a world of chaos.”

“She carried her pain like a weapon, using it to protect herself.”

“She smiled through the tears, pretending everything was okay.”

“She was a masterpiece of brokenness, hiding her pain with laughter.”

“She lived in a world of madness, where pain was her only escape.”