“Why can’t I just be sad, without the sad part?”

“My life is one big, hilarious tragedy.”

“Sadness: the best recipe for melting your heart.”

“Feeling blue isn’t just a color, it’s a way of life.”

“Behind every great smile is a little sadness waiting to burst out.”

“Hey sadness, can you teach me how to cry funny?”

“I don’t need a reason to be sad, it’s my natural state of being.”

“Who needs happiness, when you can master the art of sorrow?”

“Sadness doesn’t need a punchline, it’s a joke of its own.”

“Being sad is like wearing a clown costume to a funeral.”

“Life is a roller coaster ride, and I specialize in the saddest loops.”

“I laugh at my sadness, because if I don’t, it’ll just make me sadder.”

“Sadness, the misunderstood comedian of our emotions.”

“I make jokes to forget how sad I am, but they never seem to work.”

“Sadness is my default setting, with occasional bursts of laughter.”

“Sometimes, all you can do is laugh through your tears.”

“My sadness has a sense of humor, it’s dark and twisted.”

“Sadness + Humor: a lethal combo that keeps me sane.”

“If laughter is the best medicine, then my sadness is the antidote.”

“Smiling through my sadness, because it’s easier to fool others.”

“Depression jokes are our way of surviving the storm.”

“Sadness: the funniest companion on this crazy journey called life.”