“Friends are like potatoes – you can never have too many fries!”

“My friends and I are like constellations – we’re always making plans but never quite aligning.”

“Making plans with friends is like herding cats; it’s an adventure, but the outcome is uncertain.”

“I never had imaginary friends as a child, but I have plenty now trying to plan something together.”

“Group chats should be called ‘Plan-tasy Island’ because plans never actually happen there.”

“If planning could burn calories, I’d be the fittest person alive because I’m constantly making plans with friends.”

“Trying to make plans with friends should seriously be an Olympic sport with all the hurdles we face.”

“My friends and I should start a company called ‘Plan Busters’ because we demolish every plan we make.”

“Making plans with friends is like playing poker; you always bet on them flaking out.”

“Friends who can make plans on time are secretly mystical creatures that I aspire to be.”

“Making plans with friends is like arranging a jigsaw puzzle; it takes time, effort, and ultimately, pieces are missing.”

“If planning was an Olympic discipline, I’d get a gold medal for constantly rescheduling with friends.”

“Trying to plan with friends is like trying to teach a fish to ride a bicycle – an amusing, futile endeavor.”

“Making plans with friends is like trying to knit fog – it’s elusive, but great entertainment.”

“When it comes to making plans with friends, we’re like human-sized Rubik’s cubes – close, but never solved.”

“The only thing harder than making plans with friends is trying to calculate the tip in a restaurant split evenly among everyone.”

“Making plans with friends is like running a marathon, except the finish line keeps moving.”

“If there was an award for ‘best plan canceller,’ my friends and I would win every year, no doubt.”

“Making plans with friends is a lot like participating in a game of chess – it requires strategy, patience, and accepting that it may end in a draw.”

“The most successful plan my friends and I have ever made was deciding not to make any.”

“Making plans with friends is like trying to catch a shooting star – it sounds amazing, but it’s practically impossible.”

“If I had a dollar for every time my friends and I tried to make plans, I’d be rich enough to book a solo vacation.”

“Trying to organize my friends into making plans is like herding cats, but with mood swings and busy schedules.”

“Making plans with friends is like trying to chase a rainbow – it vanishes as soon as you get close.”

“If making plans were an art form, my friends and I would be considered modern abstract masters – our plans are always open to interpretation.”