“Your feelings are yours to safeguard. Share them selectively.”

“Keeping your feelings to yourself protects your emotional well-being.”

“Not every feeling needs to be shared, some are better kept within.”

“Be cautious about sharing your feelings, as not everyone will understand or appreciate them.”

“Remember, you don’t owe everyone an explanation of your feelings.”

“Sharing your feelings doesn’t always lead to understanding or support.”

“Your feelings are valid, whether or not you choose to share them.”

“Sometimes it’s better to hold back your feelings to avoid unnecessary conflicts.”

“Be discerning in who you share your feelings with; not everyone deserves to know your innermost thoughts.”

“Your feelings are precious, share them only with those who will cherish and appreciate them.”

“Protect yourself by guarding your feelings and sharing them only with trusted individuals.”

“Holding back your feelings can be a form of self-preservation.”

“Sharing your feelings can make you vulnerable, be cautious who you expose that vulnerability to.”

“Not everyone has the capacity to understand or empathize with your feelings.”

“Keep in mind that some feelings are best articulated through actions, not words.”

“Consider the consequences before sharing your feelings; it’s not always worth the risk.”

“Your feelings don’t have to be shared to be valid; they are valid simply because you feel them.”

“Seek solace in yourself before relying on others to alleviate your feelings.”

“Your feelings are your personal sanctuary; don’t let just anyone enter without permission.”

“Remember, you are not obliged to share your feelings with anyone.”

“Sharing your feelings can sometimes invite unnecessary judgment and criticism.”

“Avoid sharing your feelings with those who might use them against you.”

“Your feelings are private, and it’s okay to keep them that way.”

“Not every feeling requires immediate sharing; sometimes they need time and reflection.”

“Be discerning about which feelings are worth sharing and which ones are better kept hidden.”

“Your feelings are a gift to yourself; only share them when you know they’ll be valued.”

“Remember, maintaining your emotional boundaries is crucial for your mental well-being.”